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Marketing to Moms

As an orthodontist, it’s likely that a large majority of your patient base falls between the ages of 8 to 16 years old. After all, one of the most effective times to complete orthodontic work is while the teeth are still changing throughout childhood and teenage years. But even though you have a large number […]

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Social Media and Your Orthodontic Practice: Engaging Your Audience

In an earlier post, we talked about getting started with social media for your orthodontic practice. The next step, after you’ve chosen which social media channels to utilize and have set up your accounts, is to start using them! Many practices create these accounts with good intentions, but they never really leverage them in a […]

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Does Your Website Need a Refresh?

As an orthodontist, your website is like the digital version of your practice. It’s the first thing most patients will come in contact with before they ever walk through your door, and it’s important that your website gives them the same impression of your brand that your physical office does. Just like it’s important for […]

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Attracting More Orthodontic Patients by Offering the Services They Want

The world of orthodontia has changed a lot in the past 10-15 years. An industry that previously only offered standard metal brackets and wires for straighter teeth, now gives patients the options of several different treatments – depending on their unique needs and preferences. Treatments like Invisalign, Fastbraces, Damon Clear braces, and even lingual braces, […]

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5 Ideas for Boosting Referrals from Local Dentists

Referral marketing is the lifeblood of any successful orthodontic practice. Like other dental specialists, your relationship with your current patients typically only lasts as long as their treatment does, and your practice relies on a constant inflow of new patients to remain profitable. Local dentists play a big role in this by referring patients to […]

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Social Media and Your Orthodontic Practice: Getting Started

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. YouTube. LinkedIn. Tumblr. Snapchat. These days, it can be hard to keep up with what new and popular social media channels are out there. When it comes to knowing how to navigate them from a business perspective for your orthodontic practice, it can get even more confusing! How do you really […]

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Are You Marketing Your Value as an Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists has made a big advertising and PR push over the past couple of years to educate consumers about the value of visiting an orthodontist rather than just a general dentist for orthodontic treatment. These “My Life My Smile” ads have flooded radio, TV, internet, and print ads recently, and most […]

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Selling the Dream with Reality: Marketing with Orthodontic Financing

Practically everyone knows that braces can give them a perfectly straight smile, and most people would admit that they’d like a straighter smile if they don’t have one already. The reason why more people don’t have braces even if they want a straight smile? Cost. For a lot of people, the only thing they think […]

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The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing for Orthodontists

Word of mouth marketing has evolved quite a bit in the past few decades, and today it doesn’t just refer to people talking face-to-face. Rather, word of mouth marketing oftentimes takes place on social media as more and more people use that as their preferred way to communicate. But however it happens, word of mouth […]

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How Proper Office Staff Training Can Help Convert First Time Callers to New Patients

When you have an orthodontic practice, converting new callers into new patients is the livelihood of your office. This is particularly important for orthodontic offices in geographic areas with lots of competition. The following are tips to help you turn first-time callers into new patients. Flexible but Urgent When prospective patients call, your office staff […]

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