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Marketing to Moms - March 14thAs an orthodontist, it’s likely that a large majority of your patient base falls between the ages of 8 to 16 years old. After all, one of the most effective times to complete orthodontic work is while the teeth are still changing throughout childhood and teenage years. But even though you have a large number of these kid and teenage patients, how do you think they became your patient in the first place? 9 times out of 10 it probably wasn’t your actual patient who decided to choose you as an orthodontist. Rather, it was a parent, and most likely a mom.

Moms are the major influencers of household purchases. In fact, some studies show that moms make up more than 80% of the purchasing decisions in American households. That goes for decisions about their children’s health and dental care, too. Orthodontic care is a big investment for the average American household, and orthodontists who don’t keep moms in mind with their marketing strategy are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

So how exactly do you go about marketing better to moms for your orthodontic practice? Here are a few tips to think about:

Tap Into Emotion

It’s no secret that women pay more attention to emotion in advertising in men. When it comes to moms and the emotions they have for their kids, this is especially the case. Of course, you won’t be exploiting this emotion in your advertising, but you can use it in a way to grab their attention and make them respond differently than if you didn’t utilize it. In your marketing content, consider your word choice and structure when talking about the oral health benefits as well as the cosmetic benefits of braces for their children. Yes, the braces you provide will give kids a straight smile. But they will also help boost their confidence as well as improve their lifelong oral health. As you craft your marketing messaging to use on your website, online ads, or direct mail postcards, think about what moms would want to hear regarding what you can offer their kids.

Utilize Testimonials

Moms trust each other over anyone else. That’s a common fact of life, but it’s been proven by study after study, too. What better way to market your orthodontic services than by utilizing the power of opinion by other moms? Incorporating testimonials from other moms about their kid’s experiences at your orthodontic practice in your marketing materials can go a long way. Post them along with real images (with permission, of course) on your website, your Facebook page, or even consider including them in your direct mail postcards.

Cater to Moms in Person

Word of mouth marketing amongst moms is extremely valuable. If even one of your patient’s mothers talks about her great experience at your office with other moms in her social circles in the neighborhood, at school, and even at work, it has the potential to earn you several new patients. Yes, it’s important that your actual patients have a positive experience at your office, but as you train your staff and set up your office structure and culture, keep moms in mind as well. Consider things like:

  • Do you offer convenient appointment times if she has more than one child receiving treatment at your office?
  • Is your waiting room kid-friendly for the other children she may have to bring in tow?
  • Is your office environment inviting and a place she would want to stay and wait for her kids?
  • Do you start and end appointments on time to help busy moms who are on a tight carpooling schedule?

The more positive experience you can create for moms and their kids at your office the more likely they will be to recommend you to their friends and family.

When it comes to orthodontic marketing, don’t forget about moms! Go the extra mile to cater your messaging and your office environment to them and you’ll reap the benefits in terms of new patients for years to come.

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