Orthodontic Direct Mail Marketing

How Do I Start Orthodontics Postcard Marketing?

Do you want to receive the best return on investment (ROI) on marketing your orthodontic practice? Send out direct mail postcards to your targeted audience. We work with you to produce a high-quality, custom orthodontics postcard with excellent design and copy that fits the specific look and feel of your practice.

Once we’ve agreed upon a design, we’ll handle the details of printing the postcards, distributing them to your targeted demographic and tracking the campaign’s success. We monitor each and every inbound call to track your postcard campaign’s success and provide training to office staff based on what we hear. After collecting a sufficient amount of data, we’ll together to make refinements and improvements to your direct postcard campaign.

Targeted Demographics for Postcard Campaign Success

Finding the right demographic is essential for a successful orthodontics postcard campaign. You need to target people in the area who actively seek your services in order to obtain the highest ROI on your postcard marketing investment. We will research the market area to target exactly where your patients come from and find opportunities for postcard direct marketing.

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The direct mail marketing program from OrthodonticMarketing.net can only benefit your practice. To get started on your successful orthodontics postcard marketing campaign, call us at 855-230-5829 today for a free consultation.

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