Medina Orthodontics

OrthodonticMarketing.net is so much more than just a mailer/postcard company. Their added value is far above any other postcard/marketing company out there. They take the time to study your area and demographics, customize your design, provide great customer service, and most importantly, they help with training your staff to obtain the most success out of […]

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Dr. Liana Medina |

Lake Country Orthodontics

We always know when our postcards have been mailed out because the phones begin to ring non-stop!!! We now plan to have an extra staff member at the front desk because we know it is going to be busy and we don’t want to miss a call. OrthodonticMarketing.Net has provided us with an effective way […]

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Dr. Ciro Cabal |

Gronberg Orthodontics

Orthodontic Marketing.net’s direct mail program has been a success in our office! We are still scheduling new patients from the mailings that went out a couple of months ago. The tracking of calls has made it easy to know how things are going, and we have started at least 15 new patients from the first […]

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Dr. Kimberley Gronberg |

Jackson Orthodontics

As a practice, we had tried direct mail marketing before, but with very little success. I promised myself that we wouldn’t do a direct mail campaign again. However, OrthodonticMarketing.net presented a different level of planning. OrthodonticMarketing.net has been a great addition to our practice. The detail, strategy, and communication stood out vs. other direct mail […]

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Dr. Alfred Jackson |

Shannon Orthodontics

The dashboard has made it so easy to train my staff to better answer the phone and to convert more calls into appointments. I was surprised by the number of new calls that came in from the postcards. We paid for the entire program in just the first month’s mailing, and we still have 2 […]

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Dr. Chris Shannon |

Goldman Taynor Sabo & Rienecker

From the mailings with OrthodonticMarketing.net, we received 54 calls from prospective patients stating they received the postcard. Of the 54 calls, 34 people are either starts or on recall. This is our first marketing experience that we could monitor the success. We are extremely pleased with the results!

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Dr. Mark Rienecker |

Morgan Orthodontics

OrthodonticMarketing.net not only generated new patient calls for our office, but also tracked these calls and made recommendations on where to send mailings.

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Dr. Laura Morgan |

Chadwell Orthodontics

I would definitely recommend OrthodonticMarketing.Net to any office looking to increase their number of new patient phone calls. The team is great to work with, and they are really interested and excited when those new patient phone calls start coming in! Tailoring your marketing efforts to certain demographics is their specialty––and that means a better […]

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Dr. Brandon Chadwell |

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