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Secrets to a Successful Marketing Campaign for Orthodontists

If you’re an orthodontist, you’ll need to implement a number of marketing procedures in order to attract new patients throughout the year. Since the process isn’t easy, most marketers rely on the data that they gather after each campaign is complete. If you need reliable results, you must learn the secret techniques that advertisers use […]

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Orthotown Magazine Feature – June 2016

orthotown has recently been featured in the June 2016 issue of Orthotown Magazine, a publication for the professional orthodontic community. Orthotown was created for and is curated by orthodontic specialists, so we were happy to be able to share our insights and discuss industry trends with the orthodontic community. Did you know that studies have […]

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5 Creative Marketing Tips for Orthodontic Practices

Effective marketing strategies can make or break your orthodontic practice. With these 5 creative marketing tricks, your practice can grow and prosper. At your orthodontic practice, the marketing strategies you have in place can be the difference between a successful, growing business and a stagnant, idle business. Like many medical professionals, however, the idea of […]

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3 Tips for Tracking the Success and Impact of Your Orthodontic Marketing

Marketing an orthodontic practice isn’t cheap, and you want to know that you are making a good return on your investment. Yet that’s often easier said than done: how can you be sure that your orthodontic marketing is translating into actual profits? Tracking the impact of your marketing is a necessary part of running a […]

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Boost Your Marketing Materials with DIY Professional-Quality Before and After Photos

Every patient who gets braces spends a lot of time imagining what their new smile will look like when they are finally off. The “after” element is perhaps the most crucial part of orthodontia, and it’s something that you should certainly take into account with your marketing materials. With the content and the images you […]

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Marketing to Moms

As an orthodontist, it’s likely that a large majority of your patient base falls between the ages of 8 to 16 years old. After all, one of the most effective times to complete orthodontic work is while the teeth are still changing throughout childhood and teenage years. But even though you have a large number […]

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Does Your Website Need a Refresh?

As an orthodontist, your website is like the digital version of your practice. It’s the first thing most patients will come in contact with before they ever walk through your door, and it’s important that your website gives them the same impression of your brand that your physical office does. Just like it’s important for […]

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Attracting More Orthodontic Patients by Offering the Services They Want

The world of orthodontia has changed a lot in the past 10-15 years. An industry that previously only offered standard metal brackets and wires for straighter teeth, now gives patients the options of several different treatments – depending on their unique needs and preferences. Treatments like Invisalign, Fastbraces, Damon Clear braces, and even lingual braces, […]

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The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing for Orthodontists

Word of mouth marketing has evolved quite a bit in the past few decades, and today it doesn’t just refer to people talking face-to-face. Rather, word of mouth marketing oftentimes takes place on social media as more and more people use that as their preferred way to communicate. But however it happens, word of mouth […]

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The 3 Keys to Your Successful Customer Service

After your first successful postcard campaign, you are ready to handle more customers. As these new customers come through your doors and into your exam rooms, they will have already done quite a bit of observing and mental note taking. Customer service is an important element of any business, especially a service-based business such as […]

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