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Are You Losing 37% of Your New Orthodontic Patients? [Infographic]

The numbers show that, on average, a new customer can add $4,000 worth of revenue to your business as a patient. Those same numbers also show that 80% of potential customers call your business to become new patients. While you may get plenty of revenue-driving work done during regular business  hours, think of all the […]

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Marketing in orthodontics can be as challenging as putting braces on an alligator

At least, it can be this challenging if you are working with anyone other than the team at OrthodonticMarketing.net. We are here to tell you that we can genuinely promise you that we offer the cheapest, most effective and completely painless methods for marketing in orthodontics. We don’t mean to be boastful when we inform you […]

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Targeting your audience is key when it comes to orthodontic advertising

Orthodontic advertising can be challenging because even though many people need orthodontic treatment, many can’t afford it or won’t prioritize it. So what can OrthodonticMarketing.net offer to overcome this orthodontic advertising challenge? How can we do any better than another direct mail company? Firstly, the postcards we create for our clients are more attractive than […]

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How much does a missed call cost you? [Infographic]

The numbers show that, on average, a single new orthodontic patient will add $5,000 worth of revenue to your practice. The same numbers show that  80% of potential orthodontic patients will initially contact an office with a telephone call over other scheduling methods. As you can see, that makes every phone call to your practice very valuable. While the majority of […]

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