Targeting your audience is key when it comes to orthodontic advertising

Orthodontic advertising can be challenging because even though many people need orthodontic treatment, many can’t afford it or won’t prioritize it.

So what can offer to overcome this orthodontic advertising challenge? How can we do any better than another direct mail company?

Firstly, the postcards we create for our clients are more attractive than anything you will find anywhere else. We don’t just expect our clients to choose a template. Rather, our clients can opt to utilize and customize one of our proven successful designs for orthodontic advertising, or they may create their own with the assistance of our expert design team who will incorporate elements that are most effective when it comes to attracting new clients. The postcards are also printed with top-quality ink on grade-A cardstock to ensure they stand out in the mail.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t just mail your cards to any old zip code or region on a map. What we do is help you identify who your ideal patient is and who is most likely to seek your services. Once we have determined the type of person you would like to and would expect to see in the dentist chair, we will mail your postcards to that demographic. That’s right—we advertise to the people who are most likely going to respond to your orthodontic advertising.

Our orthodontic advertising strategies don’t end there. We analyze postcard performance by assigning to your postcards a local telephone number routed to your dental practice. We then record and review calls made on this number to find out how many postcard recipients are contacting your office as well as how many of those callers are actually making appointments. These recordings also enable us to train your staff with the best techniques for converting callers to patients.

Orthodontic advertising services with us don’t cost anything beyond the cost of the postcard, which is about a dime less a postage stamp. Furthermore, most of our clients return 2 – 4 times the amount they invest. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring you similar success!

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