5 Things Every New Orthodontist Should Be Doing With Their Practice Right Now

Top Five Tips

Building a successful orthodontic practice is about more than straightening teeth. While having good credentials and proven skills is certainly important, such proficiency alone will not guarantee success. After all, orthodontics may be an elite specialty that requires extensive training and schooling, but a successful practice is just like any other business. It requires smart marketing in order to make a profit. To turn your practice into a booming business, consider these five tips.

  1. Ask for Reviews

Everyone knows that word of mouth advertising is powerful. In this digital age, however, word of mouth can look a little different. Google allows businesses to register, which not only lets your practice show up on maps during searches, but it also allows patients to submit reviews. There are other industry specific databases online that potential customers may review when picking a new orthodontist. Therefore, always remind patients to post feedback. You can even encourage these reviews with incentive programs, such as a free checkup for any verified review posted.

  1. Be Active in the Community

If you want to get new patients from the community, you need to be a part of the community. Community involvement can be an excellent marketing tool for orthodontists. You could have a community night at a local restaurant or play zone. You can sponsor local events such as races, festivals and more. The key is to get your name out there. The more people hear your name in a positive context, the more likely they are to remember you when their teeth need to be straightened.

  1. Reach out to Dentists

When designing an advertising plan for your orthodontics practice, it is easy to focus on patients. However, most patients find an orthodontist through referrals from their dentist. This is why it pays to market to dentists as well. Seek to build meaningful relationships with local dentists. It can be as simple as sending birthday cards or organizing an open house once a year. The better relationships you have with local dentists, the better recommendations you will get for new patients

  1. Direct Mail Marketing

Every new orthodontist should be generating potential leads and patients from direct mail postcards like the ones offered from OrthodonticMarketing.net. Although referrals from current patients, as well as dentists, should be your top source for new patients, what about the thousands of people in your community that don’t know your patients or don’t know your referring dentist?  How do they find you?  Instead of running the risk of them stumbling across you online, you need to introduce yourself and find them. Direct mail, if done right like OrthodonticMarketing.net, can have the highest predictability of success among marketing mediums.

  1. Reward Loyal Customers

Never take patients for granted. Getting a patient in the chair is only part of the battle. The trick is getting them to come back for years. This is why you need to focus on giving back to patients. Loyalty programs are an excellent way to reward loyalty. Loyal customers could earn free checkups or be eligible for special discounts. You can also offer discounts or other prizes for patients who bring in new patients.

  1. Leverage Social Media

Smart businesses should realize that social media can be so much more than a recreational pastime. Orthodontists, in particular, can reap substantial benefits from using social media, since it allows for a more personal connection with patients. Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter are good at connecting people within a local community. Posts can vary, featuring patients, staff, or even fun orthodontia facts. The key is to maintain an active presence. By posting once or twice a week, it is possible to build an enduring relationship with patients.


As an orthodontist, you already know how to fix teeth. With these tips, you can expand your brand and help fix more of them as you learn how to market better and drive more new patients to your practice. These elements combined can ensure a profitable practice for years to come.

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