Marketing Consistency

marketing consistency is key

Good or bad, a marketing piece or campaign may need to be seen more than once. Like most things in life, finding the right balance of consistency is often a facet of effectiveness. While getting it right the first time is ideal, and a realistic endeavor, many potential patients will need some convincing. As you find the effectiveness of direct mailing marketing, give it the time it needs to really do the trick on your soon-to-be new clients.


We all know the salesperson that really couldn’t take no for an answer. We even find ourselves saying, “What couldn’t they understand? The “N” or the “O.” But what about the professionally, strategically, and demographically-personal direct mailing campaign? The difference is easily sensed by target audiences and your potential clients.

At we are confident in our mailing pieces based on demographic research and design, but we also understand the challenge it is to meet the needs of the most potential clients possible. To guarantee our mailer success rates for conversion, we have implemented strategies for repeat mailer designs and campaigns.

After finding success in your first campaign, we will also know where to improve. Equipped with target demographics, tracking, and coaching services you will also know where to improve, and where to start such an improvement. After making needed changes to your marketing and mailing pieces based on a 15 key performance indicator (KPIs) system you can send a second wave of mailers, and even a third.

These systematically improved mailing cycles should produce results that are, at a minimum, returning your money. If you haven’t had at least enough calls to have the opportunity to return your investment, we will do a fourth mailing campaign for free. This is a motivating and realistic goal at We are confident in our mailer’s effectiveness, especially with a professional dose of consistency in repeat mailers.

With a 95.7% success rate of doubling our client’s investment, this type of consistency is worthwhile. You will see an increase in appointments and new patients. The consistency also shows some of the following things to your potential clients:

  • You are proactive about their business.
  • You are interested in meeting their orthodontic needs—specific procedures, promotions, and time slots.
  • You are listening. Feedback is taken realistically, not simply so you can say you listened.

These subtle and unwritten brand messages will be heard over a consistent and timely marketing campaign. Contact today to begin a consistent and repeatable marketing campaign. We are happy to help you not only market your business, but adapt to your demographics’ needs.

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