Effective and Efficient Marketing

effective and efficient marketing

We will make your practice’s direct mailing effective and efficient. Sounds great right? But what’s the difference? While effective and efficient seem rather synonymous, they realistically have very different meanings—especially for your orthodontic practice.

The Difference

Correctly understanding the difference between effective and efficient in business and marketing situations is critical for long-term success. Effectivity can be determined and measured by the effect, or end result that an action has on your business—in other words—is the desired outcome being achieved by that action? If so, the action, or business decision can be defined as effective.

Efficiency, on the other hand, is the process that got you to effective. While your end business and marketing product may be ideal and even effective, if it took too long, or costs too much, it was not efficient. Effectivity is a judge of usefulness—being result based, and efficiency is a judge of time and energy—being process based.

Now what does this have to do with your Orthodontic practice’s marketing? Everything.

Your Marketing

At OrthodonticMarketing.net we are not oblivious to the many options available to you when it comes to marketing your practice, but we definitely do understand your market and industry better than anyone, not to mention our uncanny focus on statistics and results, which help gauge efficiency.

In response to Orthotown on the effectiveness of postcard campaigns our Director, Aaron Boone said the following, “. . . It all depends on how you do it. The way we do it (at a bare minimum) will double your money 95.7 percent of the time.” He continued, “. . . the more people who chase the fads, the better it works. People love getting mail in our electronic society.” He also adds that direct mailing has never had a falling out like other marketing methods. It is consistently accepted by those you are targeting.

Doubling your money at such a high rate is both effective and efficient, especially because we will do the work for you, while you continue doing what you’re best at—orthodontics.

Building your brand through both effective and efficient channels is ideal for your practice whether it is in the growth, or maturity phase. Our services will produce ROI that can be used for future direct mailing campaigns or invested back into your practice. That is highly efficient and effective. Contact us today so we can begin to make your practice effective and efficient in its marketing efforts.

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