Branding: What Do You Want to Be Recognized and Remembered For?

Most successful orthodontic marketing is done across multiple platforms: Social media, direct mailing campaigns, and online marketing strategies to name a few. As you navigate your orthodontic marketing options, remember some of these critical factors.

Your Practice’s Story

As you begin or revamp your practice’s marketing campaign, consider key messages. Your practice has a specific and unique story, from your foundation to your demographic. These factors can be the groundwork and building blocks for your key messages. Your key messages should be used across the board. Key messages can be broken down into three components: a claim, fact, and example.

A claim is what your practice claims to be or do. Was your practice the first orthodontic office in your city or part of town? Is your practice the largest provider of braces for adults in the area? Claim this and use it consistently.

The fact is usually the statistical or financial backing to the claim. For example, in claiming your practice as the first orthodontic practice in your city, use the founding year as your simple fact, e.g. “Opened in 1960.”

An example would be a logical explanation or demonstration of your claim and fact. Use a testimonial from an adult client as an example of your practice being the largest provider of braces for adults in the area, serving over 100+ adult patients a month.

These key messages will allow your simple yet impactful story to be told quickly and easily for branding.

26604-1 V1Establishing your brand and logo is as easy as using it

People Need Visuals

Logos are an additional way to communicate your brand and services to your desired audiences. In today’s world, you need to be recognizable. A logo can do this for you. While you consider your logo, you have two main options: an abstract symbol or a logo type. Abstract symbols are visual symbols like Nike’s swoosh, or Apple’s iconic apple. Logo types would be an artistic rendition of the name of your company. Coco-Cola is a prime example of this.

As you consider your options, think of the projected growth and market options of your orthodontic practice. These factors can play a role in the type of logo you select. Many large companies even use both in branding their business.

You Can Be Everywhere At Once

As you plan your branding, remember that the more people that see your brand and hear its message, the more they will readily recognize it throughout your community. This simple fact will allow you to establish your office’s visibility and credibility. Consistently use branding elements across all of your marketing platforms, including social media, direct mailing, in office signage, and office materials.

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