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When you sign up with OrthodonticMarketing.net, your staff will have access to over 20 training videos like the one below. They will also receive ongoing coaching to improve lead captures.

First impressions are extremely important. Typically, your office staff is the first impression a potential patient gets of your orthodontic practice. One of the most valuable services that we can offer is ongoing training and coaching for your team. Many orthodontists simply instruct their office staff to answer phones, book appointments and file papers without providing the necessary support to effectively accomplish these tasks. We believe that with a bit of training, your orthodontic staff can be a very helpful resource in acquiring new patients and getting you a higher ROI on your postcard mailing campaigns. Improved customer service training can also pay off down the road in many other ways. Our program will teach your office staff to convert calls into appointments, improve confidence and efficiency, and maximize the bottom line of your practice.

Our Training

We will take the time to listen to each and every call that is generated from your marketing campaign. Because we have listened to thousands of calls, we have learned exactly what works and what doesn’t. This experience has allowed us to put together over 2 ½ hours of training videos for your staff to learn the techniques that get you new consults and starts. Each video will focus on our 15 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we’ve identified to improve your scheduling ratio.

When you begin your postcard campaign, your dedicated account manager will provide a 45-minute complimentary kick-start training for your staff on our proven tips and tricks for increasing appointments. We will teach your staff the value of each and every call and provide resources for how to respond to difficult questions. Before your postcards even reach homes, your staff will have the confidence and preparation necessary to help acquire new patients.

Ongoing Coaching and Training

After your marketing campaign has been launched, we’ll continue to work with your staff to increase performance. We will listen to every phone call to identify whether the 15 KPIs are being met. We provide continual feedback to your staff, in addition to providing coaching videos based on your staff’s needs.

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