Targeted Mailing Lists

Speak to the Right Prospects to Get the Right Patients


Finding the right demographic for your direct mailing is essential for your campaign’s success. Especially for an orthodontic practice, it’s important to target the people in your area who are actively seeking your services. Sure, we could drop the postcards in the mail and call it good (like many practices), but we want you to get the highest ROI possible on your marketing investment.

Over the years we have developed a three step methodology that has proven to deliver the best results for your practice.

  1. Research your market area to determine where your patients come from and where potential opportunity exists.
  2. Using our proprietary analysis tools, identify the households that represent the sweet spot to deliver you the quality of patient you want and optimize your marketing dollars.
  3. Develop the market segments and schedule to get the best results and longevity so you increase the number of starts to the practice and continue to do so month after month.

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