Orthodontics Office Call Scoring

Discover How Staff Members Capture Leads!

We offer feedback on each and every inbound call!

Many orthodontists simply tell their staff to answer calls, schedule appointments and file paperwork. You should consider additional training for your staff.

Once your postcards have been sent out, our services don’t stop there. We know you’ll have tons of new phone calls coming in, and it’s important to know how to turn these calls into new patients. Over half of new leads from ad campaigns are lost during the first phone call, so you may be wondering how to QA your orthodontic office calls to prevent this from happening in the future. Our team will work with you and your staff to raise your conversion rate and get new patients in your chair.

Scoring System

We will listen to and score each phone call based on a rubric of 15 customer service metrics. This will give you complete, transparent access to the quality of the phone calls your office receives.

By using orthodontics office call scoring, you can raise your conversion rate.
Our call scoring system allows you to regularly review your office staff’s performance and provide additional training where needed. We score every call using the 15 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which range from whether or not the office staff identified themselves, to whether or not the caller was asked to set up an appointment. Our research shows that when asked to set up an appointment, the conversion rates are significantly higher for new patients.
If you want to know how to QA your orthodontics office calls, this is the best way!

How it Works:

  • Your office calls are recorded and stored in a HIPAA compliant database for scoring
  • Our team of call scorers listens to the recorded call and scores each of the 15 KPIs
  • We provide a detailed report of your staff’s performance, including areas where they were successful and areas that could be improved, that you can see by logging in to your 24/7 dashboard
  • Your account manager utilizes all this information to help your staff improve their phone skills to schedule even more new patients

Call scoring allows us to work with you and train your staff effectively so you can improve your call conversions. We want to ensure that you get the full value of your marketing campaign, and orthodontic office call scoring is a great way to help. Call our number listed below to get started, or fill out a request for a FREE consultation.

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