Optimized Tracking & Delivery

Get More Calls When Cards Arrive on the Right Day

To get the best response, it matters when your postcards are mailed. Since we meticulously track what happens on every mailing, we have refined our program to get your postcards into homes when they get the most attention. Mailing millions of postcards every month gives us great insight into what makes the difference to getting you the most starts.

We guarantee your mailings get results – even if the USPS loses your mailing. Unlike others, we go way beyond just dropping your postcard in the mailbox. Conservative estimates indicate that the USPS loses over a billion pieces of mail a year and some sources believe it is several times that! That’s over 3.3 million pieces of mail lost every single delivery day! Our proprietary tracking and shipping systems make it possible for us to guarantee you get results by optimizing the way we handle your mailing, and when it gets in homes.

For much less than the cost of a postage stamp, we do everything for you, do it much more effectively, and show you the results!

This is so much easier than printing postcards and mailing them yourselves. The best part about it? We can design, deliver and track your postcard for less than the price of a stamp.

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