123 Postcards Buys One of the Best Dental Marketing Websites

123 Postcards, a Utah entity, announces the acquisition of dentalmarketing.net for an undisclosed sum. Dentalmarketing.net is arguably the number two dental marketing web site address in America.

Dentalmarketing.net is an older, established, dental website address that benefits from the very large number of dentists that search for the term ‘dental marketing’ or one of its derivatives in the Google search engine. Each month over 200,000 people search for ‘dental marketing’ or one of its derivatives on Google. The dentalmarketing.net website had been listed on the first Google search results page in the past and 123 Postcards is seeking to capitalize on this as it develops out its new website.

This acquisition will allow the company to reach thousands of dentists each month with a marketing message, without having to spend copious amounts of money on advertising.

“As we grow the company we are always on the lookout for assets and companies that can help bring our brand to market faster. With some effort, the acquisition of dentalmarketing.net will bring tremendous growth in the number of dentists that can easily find us organically on the Internet.” said Rocky Fischer, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

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