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Specialist in High-Quality Advertising for Dentists

123 Postcards, a Utah entity, announces it has achieved the one million dental postcard benchmark. The recently founded 123postcards.com has now created, printed, and successfully delivered more than one million dental marketing postcards for dentists across America.

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Aaron Boone Joins 123 Postcards as a Dental Marketing Consultant

“We know that Aaron’s years of experience in business and professional football will bring the talent, energy, and leadership that we need to continue our fast pace of growth.” said Rocky Fischer, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

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Tom Chandler Joins 123 Postcards to Market Dental Practices

“We are excited that Tom has agreed to join us at 123postcards. His exceptional years of business and operational experience will be invaluable in helping us meet our goals in the coming years,” said Rocky Fischer, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

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Successful Marketing Ideas for Dental Offices

Over the last three quarters, the Company has been expanding operations rapidly to meet the growing demand for low cost, full service, offline dental marketing.

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123 Postcards Buys One of the Best Dental Marketing Websites

Dentalmarketing.net is an older, established, dental website address that benefits from the very large number of dentists that search for the term ‘dental marketing’ or one of its derivatives in the Google search engine.

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