We Help You Convert Website Visitors Into New Patients.   And We Do It Better Than Anyone Else.

Not only do we create high quality videos for your website, but we make sure they actually work!  Your goal in hiring us is to add new patients to your practice as inexpensively as possible.

Unlike our competitors we do everything for you from beginning to end.  Just take a look at the chart below and you’ll see why DentalMarketing.net has been so successful bringing dental practices quality patients month after month.

DentalMarketing.net Competitor X Competitor Y Competitor Z
Overall Price $1,995 per minute $8,000 per minute $5,600 per minute $1,000 – 3,000
per minute
Overall Video Quality High High Medium Low
Dedicated Production Coordinator checkmark checkmark checkmark  Extra Fee
Script Writing checkmark checkmark checkmark  Extra Fee
Professional Narration checkmark checkmark checkmark  Extra Fee
Quality of Art HIgh  High  Medium  Low
Full HD (multi-format) checkmark checkmark checkmark  Extra Fee
Turn Around Time 30 Days  4-6 Weeks  5-7 Weeks  3-6 Weeks
Some Color checkmark checkmark checkmark  Extra Fee
Dental Specific Experts checkmark x-mark x-mark x-mark
Marketing Advisor checkmark* x-mark x-mark x-mark
Video Hosting (w/SEO) checkmark* x-mark  Extra Fee x-mark
Video Analytics checkmark* x-mark  Extra Fee x-mark


*Free for 12 months

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