Results Oriented Dental Marketing

Know HOW WELL your marketing efforts are working, not just IF they are working

We specialize in and differentiate ourselves with ROI Reporting. We keep you in the drivers seat of your marketing campaigns by keeping you informed and up-to-date on the progress your practice is making. Don’t spend any more time wondering how to get new dental patients.

Our cloud-based reporting software lets you see everything … from marketing campaign metrics, to staff performance, to the new patients on your schedule

We deliver 24/7 access to metric-based dashboards that display real-time appointment, call, and ROI data — all with the goal of empowering you with information to make intelligent decisions regarding the growth of your practice. With this knowledge, you’ll know exactly how to proceed with your marketing efforts.

Don’t waste another marketing dollar on campaigns that may or may not pan out. At, we guarantee you at least a 200% ROI. We do this because we know that our program really works. It will work for you.

Try out our ROI Calculator for information on the results you can expect to achieve by partnering with 123Postcards. Also, please read what our clients have been saying about their experience running advertising campaigns with us. Then, when you are ready for more new patients at your practice, call us at 877-319-7772 or email us. We’ll show you how we can help your practice grow.


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