A Philosophy of More Patients for Our Dentists

At 123 Postcards we know that marketing can be one of the most challenging things to master as you work to grow your practice successfully. You’ve signed a long-term lease, spent a small fortune on build-out and equipment, and started paying regular payroll. Now it’s time to bring in more dental patients.  But, do you advertise in magazines, on the Internet, with direct mail, or with something else your practice consultant recommends? And how do you really know the true costs and returns each time you spend a marketing dollar? Some dentists are wildly successful immediately, while others spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure it all out.

123 Postcards is a dental marketing analytics company that is laser-focused on providing results-based measurement of your practice’s marketing efforts.   Our proven process has been perfected through the successful delivery of millions of postcards and by analyzing hundreds of thousands of new patient calls to dentists across North America.

Master Report

And we don’t stop with delivering the best direct mail program.  We go the extra mile to ensure you get new patients by tracking and recording each new call, scoring every potential patient conversation, and coaching your staff on specific ways to improve their new patient conversion ratios based upon their historical performance.

Call Scores

At 123 Postcards, we give you the best dental marketing for the lowest cost on the planet!  Guaranteed.

Our Philosophy of Doing Business

  • We believe that we should prove to you with actual data how well your marketing works
  • We believe in being the lowest cost dental direct mail advertiser
  • We believe in using the latest, state-of-the-art technology and techniques
  • We believe in constant and honest communication
  • We believe in having exceptional knowledge and understanding of the dental patient
  • We believe in having an in-depth knowledge of the dental marketing options

These simple philosophies have allowed us to build countless successful direct mail campaigns for dentists all over the country, at a fraction of the cost per client they are used to paying. We find you more dental patients, quickly and at very low prices. Choose a marketing partner that can prove to you the returns on each marketing dollar you spend. Our philosophy will allow you to reliably add new patients to your practice each month, spend as little as possible, and train and refine the abilities of your staff. [cta]

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