Book More Appointments Using Video Hosting and Analytics

We have found that using hosting services from YouTube and Vimeo are very effective in generating maximum exposure for your videos and providing terrific analytics tools that we provide for you. In more common terms, we primarily use YouTube and Vimeo for video hosting. Both of these services are very familiar to most people in the world and they work really well on any platform, browser, or mobile device. And they make it incredibly easy for you and your patients to share your videos through email, social networking sites, etc.

We have also seen how being able to know things like how many people watch each video and how long they watch can help us maximize the number of visitors who book an appointment with your office. For example: videos with the most views should be moved front and center on your website.  And knowing how long they watch each video helps us gage the areas of your practice where visitors have the most interest.  Analytics are critical in helping us maximize the number of visitors to your website that actually book an appointment.

Reliable hosting + quality statistics = more appointments!


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