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Book More Appointments From Your Website

We have years of experience helping dentists add new patients to their practice.  We specialize in creating marketing campaigns and customized dental videos that have great success creating quality patient leads and converting them into appointments.
Think about the last time you watched a Superbowl commercial.  Were you surprised that they spent $3 million dollars for 30 seconds of air time? High quality video content gets noticed. We find that your website works exactly the same way.  You spend tons of time and money getting visitors to your site, only to find that without a video to capture their attention, they move on without booking an appointment.
Now imagine them watching a cool video about you and your staff that entertains them and makes them smile.  Chances are they stick around for a while on your website and call you phone to book an appointment. In fact, they are 85% more likely to book an appointment with you after watching one of your cool new videos.

How It Works

High Quality Proven Videos

Your dedicated production coordinator will walk you through each step as we design, script, and create your custom appointment booking videos.  We use the highest quality processes, tools and staff to produce the best quick draw videos in the industry.  We even use them on our own company website and have seen a dramatic improvement in the number of dentists that use our marketing services.  The videos work great!

Free Video Hosting and Traffic Analytics!

Your personal marketing advisor will host your video, and then discuss your results with you each month to ensure the most appointments possible. Based on your results, we will let you know what’s going well and any changes that you can make to improve the number of appointments booked.

All This For One Low Price

We provide a dedicated production coordinator, scripting, storyboarding, revisions, professional voiceovers, advanced post production, video hosting and analytics, monthly marketing advisor reviews, and much more.

All for only $1,995 per minute! (Set up fee is waived with 4 minute minimum).  This is far below the standard industry price and includes everything*! No hidden fees or add-on charges.

And best of all, you pay only once and then use the videos forever!

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