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“This is Not Burger King, you cannot have it your way!”

Ever see that sign? It’s kind of funny, but not when you’re getting that kind of treatment from someone who is supposed to be helping you build your practice.

Sometimes you want and need it “your way”. For example, we have some clients that want their offers to only go to new patients. We’re happy to make the extra effort to remove your current patients from the mailing list. If you would like to keep front of mind awareness with your current clients by including them in your direct mail campaign, we will help you with that as well. Either way, you don’t pay a dime extra! 

123 Postcards is unique in that we are willing to custom-fit our dental marketing solutions to your requests. We believe that your marketing should be a tool that you can use the way you want it.

We are the partner that fulfills the needs of your practice instead of trying to adjust your needs to our program. Whatever your target, we’ll offer you the dental marketing solutions that will be most cost effective and results oriented.

Take a look at the results that you can expect to achieve by partnering with 123Postcards on our ROI calculator. Also, feel free to read what our clients have been saying about their experience running advertising campaigns with us. Then, when you are ready for more new patients in your practice, call us at 877-319-7772, and get the success you are looking for, your way.


PS: The perspective and insight you have regarding your practice and market is invaluable and crucial to the success of your campaign. We understand that, and we custom tailor your campaign based on the needs of your practice. We are the perfect partner to build your practice! Call us today at 877-319-7772.

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