Dental Staff Training

Training your staff is an important part of the service that we provide.  Below is one of the many staff coaching videos we provide with our unique dental marketing program…

At123 Postcards, we work to maximize your return on the money and effort that you put into finding new patients for your dental practice.  The last thing you want to do is spend money and effort to get new patients to reach out to you, only for them to have a bad customer service experience at the front desk.  We know that your receptionist staff is vital to the success of your marketing campaigns with us and in the future. That’s why we take the time to listen to calls made to your practice and give your staff meaningful feedback that can be used to enhance the level of service that you provide to your patients.  With our program, you’ll be able to:

  • Turn more calls into appointments
  • Increase dental staff confidence and efficiency
  • Maximize your bottom line

We’ve listened to hundreds of thousands of incoming phone calls to dental practices.  We’ve taken this goldmine of information and produced over  2 ½ hours of coaching videos all created to improve staff proficiency in scheduling new patients.  Each video is based upon 37 Key Performance Indicators we’ve identified can improve your scheduling ratio.   These videos (like the one shown above) are delivered based upon the results of each mailing campaign, so your staff is able to continuously improve their front office skills.

Here’s what you get with 123 Postcards…

Dedicated Marketing Advisor 

  • We provide you with a dedicate marketing advisor focused on monitoring your results to ensure your success.  These marketing advisors are committed to your marketing success and enabling your staff to capture new patients from your marketing efforts.

Initial Training

  • Prior to your first mailing, account manager will give your staff training on the tips and techniques proven in practices across the country to increase appointments.  This complimentary 45 minute staff training session with your front desk staff helps remind and teach your staff of the importance and value of each call. We then instruct them to use proper technique to schedule appointments and how to respond to tough questions. This way, they are prepared for new calls before your first mailing ever goes out.

Ongoing, Customized Staff Coaching Videos

  • A one-time training meeting is not enough to change habits.  Our staff listens to the recordings and scores your staff on every single call that comes to the office from the postcard mailing so that the staff is not making the same mistakes twice.  Because we analyze each call based upon the 37 Key Performance Indicators, your dedicated account manager continually monitors the results of your practice and provides customized staff coaching videos based on the needs of your staff.

Take a look at the results that you can expect to achieve by partnering with 123Postcards on our ROI calculator. Also, feel free to read what our clients have been saying about their experience running advertising campaigns with us. Then, when you are ready for more new patients at your practice, call us at 877-319-7772 and start improving your practice today.


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