Dental Call Tracking

Dental Call

Measure the effectiveness of your postcard campaigns in “real-time” with our advanced call tracking. Each postcard is given a unique number that is tracked and recorded and the calls are then analyzed for you.

What Dental Call Tracking does for your practice:

Improves your conversion rate:

We listen to and score each call that your practice receives on 37 criteria ranging from “did your staff member get the customer’s name” to whether your staff “asked the caller to make an appointment.” The reports of these scores are then shared with you so that we can effectively coach them to enhance your results. Increasing your conversion rate is often the simplest and most effective way to substantially increase your ROI (return on investment).

Sends you a “missed call email notification”:

Never miss another potential patient! With dental call tracking services from 123 Postcards, you will receive an email notification about every missed call the second the caller hangs up. You will never miss out on new patients that would have been lost due to missed calls. With the average practice missing about 1/3 of their calls, 123 Postcards missed call notifications result in you dramatically increasing your ROI.

Provides for exact staff accountability:

With your call scoring reports you will know exactly what skills each staff member should focus on to enhance their success and increase your ROI. Focused and specific direction leads to focused and specific improvement.

24/7 access to call recordings and call scoring results:

Does your staff sound friendly on the phone? Do they always ask the caller’s name? Are they inviting each caller to schedule some sort of appointment? We know that you don’t have time to sit in the reception area listening to calls, so we will!

Works with your existing phone system:

You won’t have to change anything about your existing phone systems or services. Our call tracking service works seamlessly with what you already have for easy start-up and effective results!

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